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World View Weekend Network: Child Trafficking is a Bigger Money Maker Than Drugs and Gun Smuggling

By Brannon Howse

Brannon Howse: My next guest is a first-time guest here at Brandon House Live. Aaron Spradlin joins us. He is the leader of the Tennessee Group, a faith and family group that has also been well, working with people like the gentleman on which the movie is built, Sound of Freedom. He's been working with him and is concerned about what's happening in our state here of Tennessee with sex trafficking and so much more. Aaron, welcome to the broadcast. First-time guest. Thank you for your patience and waiting. Running a little behind tonight, which is usually the case. Thank you for that.

Aaron Spradin: Not at all. Thank you so much for having me.

Brannon Howse: Aaron, tell our audience a little bit about yourself since this is your first time with us.

Aaron Spradin: Okay, I'll give you the Reader's Digest version. I am. I'm a former US Army paratrooper, and I spent not a very long time in the military, about seven years and a little time in Afghanistan, a little time in South Central America, and then got out, ended up becoming a contractor to the homeland and a contractor to the Department of State. Two different times and different times of life. But in 2016, I kind of got a little bit of a word from the man telling me that the man being the man upstairs telling me that it was time to turn my focus to the scourge of the earth, which is, in my opinion, the greatest pandemic, and that is human and child trafficking. And we formed the Mission America Foundation two years ago. But in that, I'd had the privilege and honor to work with the Operation Underground Railroad before starting our foundation here domestically and we've been doing it ever since.

Brannon Howse: Wow. So tell me about the movie. It's just rocking at the box office. Tell me about the movie Sound of Freedom. And you're working with the man upon which the film is built. Tell us about that, please.

Aaron Spradin: You know, it was a wonderful honor for me to end up being a part of that organization from 2016 even till today. We still do some things together. But, you know, when Tim started his battle, he was working as a government employee and with Homeland and some other entities in the government. And he saw a problem that our reach was not big enough or sanctioned enough to go after. And he started pursuing the fight internationally with obviously with Operation Underground Railroad. Um, he's probably one of the most passionate people that I've met when it comes to the fight. Um, I, as I said, I've had the honor of not only got to work with him, but we hosted him here in Tennessee, um, a couple of years ago for another documentary called Operation to Saint, which is a conversation about Haiti and his, his, his start there. But the work that they do and the, the passion that all of the people on the ground, and the fight that they have is second to none. And, you know, the reason that we've started being loud is because of the ridiculous Marxist left coming out against what he has portrayed in the movie. And so we started speaking from the position of actually doing the work, conspiracy theories or the whole QAnon and all the stuff that, you know, the Rolling Stone did, CNN did. It'll be only a matter of time before The View comes out against him, too, I'm sure.

Brannon Howse: So what they're doing is saying that if you go see this movie, this is programming for the QAnon-obsessed MAGA dad, white Maga, QAnon dad. I mean, they're firing on all cylinders trying to discredit this movie. But I guess the old saying goes, they attack the ones they fear, right? You know, you take flak when you're over the target. Right. And this is and of course, you got Jim Caviezel talking about a three-letter agency that has aided and abetted this. You know, this I told my radio audience the other day, I said some of you maybe thought I was over the top When I've been telling you for years and years, the FBI was turning a blind eye, if not participating in turning a blind eye to sex trafficking. They knew what was going on when it came to Jeffrey Epstein. They knew what was going on when it came to Larry Nassar. They knew a lot of this stuff that was going on. They turned a blind eye and didn't want to do anything about it. And we have some people at the highest levels of government involved. And I and I kept trying to tell my audience for years about this, and I'm sure a lot of them thought this is just crazy talk. Well, now we have a movie that's number one in the box office where the guy behind it, Jim Caviezel, is saying you got a three-letter agency giving this these pedophiles and sex trafficking rings cover. Pretty amazing how far we've come and what's become mainstream now, right?

Aaron Spradin: Oh, yeah. And you know, were we were on the radio earlier today and one of the one of the county mayors here in the state of Tennessee was talking about excuse me, that was yesterday. He was talking about, you know, back in the days when the Nazis or when the Germans were being overrun and they were being brainwashed by the Nazis. They knew that over here on the right, this was bad. And what was happening was bad, but they just kept moving forward and ignoring it because they thought that was going to be better. If we ignore it over here, it's going to be better. We're ignoring it now. And, you know, the movie talks a lot about Central America and Cartagena, Colombia, but the real fight that gets missed in this and no, no, no discrediting, you know, the sound of freedom or what Mel is about to do. But we need to focus here and we need to focus on the children here and the trafficking here. At the very end of the movie, it tells you that the American people are the number one consumer in the world of this heinous thing. And we're doing it right here in our backyards. And that's what's getting missed. And this takes you back to what you were talking about at the highest levels. Um, it's so obvious. And, you know, when President Trump was in office, they had an amazing task force and they did wonderful things to fight this. And a lot of arrests happened. The US Marshals came in, the Secret Service came in, children were being rescued and freed and bad people were going to prison. And then the current administration came in and they killed it almost immediately when they took office. And you have to ask yourself why. These are our kids. 83% of the children trafficked in the United States right now are American children. They're not imported. They're our children.

Brannon Howse: Mhm. Wow. So people can support what you're doing and find out about what you're doing at Mission America Is that right?

Aaron Spradin: That is right. All the rest of the socials are there. There are too many to remember. I joke about my not having the ability to keep up with it, so I share with it the best I can. And. And it is. It is. It is a domestic fight. It is a world fight. It's a $150 billion industry. The numbers that they show are nowhere near what they are. Those are the ones that are reported. There are millions of children being trafficked every day around the world.

Brannon Howse: How? Tell me about I want to get back to American children in a minute here. But tell me about missing Ukrainian children. How many children are missing from Ukraine now? Have you seen the latest figures?

Aaron Spradin: I haven't seen the latest figures, but I was privy to being in Ukraine right at the beginning of the war, and we were there on a rescue mission as far as moving the orphans safely out of harm's way. It was literally like a bazaar. When you show up and there's a product and you buy it. We had to go in, grab the children, move them to vetted orphanages that we had already gone through with, you know, the government, other governments making sure that they were safe. They were not going to be exploited. I know that with my dear friends over at the aerial recovery group that I worked with on that. Um, I think somewhere between we moved somewhere between 4000 and 5000 children and refugees to get out of there. But what happened was a lot of the bad guys came in maybe from, you know, Romania or Moldova came in and they just picked them up and they moved them to other countries in the name of humanitarian aid. Those children are gone forever. And, you know, they'll show up. You know, they may show up in Knoxville, Tennessee. They may show up in Dallas, Texas, or they may show up in Moscow or the UAE. But they're gone. And, you know, when that war kicked out, they were scattered. The orphanages just went anywhere that they attacked something where, you know, where children were, they had to disperse. And when they dispersed, they went to the streets. And when they went to the streets, the traffickers were it was ripe for the picking. And so, as I said, I was very grateful to be able to be there. I would say with the 4000, 4600, I think it was something to that effect. Um, there's probably another 20,000 and I'm trying to be conservative that it went missing all over the world after the start of the Ukrainian conflict.

Brannon Howse: Talk to me about the children that are trafficked in America. How were these children trafficked? Are they are are they? I'm reading more and more stories that children are being bred for the specific purpose of trafficking them. And then after, what, two, two and a half years on average of them being trafficked, then they die and they harvest their organs. Are children being bred in America, not to mention maybe in other parts of the world, but even in America, are children being bred specifically for trafficking and then harvesting their organs? And where do these other children that are being trafficked come from? Are they runaways? Oh, how where do we get these numbers?

Aaron Spradin: So so 50% of the children and that's once again, a conservative number, 50% are runaways. All right. You probably would have another 12 to 15% that are trafficked by their own families. All right. Here in Tennessee, we have a wonderful, uh, mountainous area over in the east where the parents are trafficking their children for meth money and rent. That being said, you know, there's a quote from the movie where he talks about the, you know, if I sell you a bag of dope, I got to buy more dope. But if I have a child, I can sell that child ten times a day. So let's say let's just do the statistics for so they stay alive somehow, whether they don't die of a heroin overdose or they don't get raped to death, then say you get that child at nine, we'll have nine more years off of the product. And then once that child is now an adult, I'll just make another product. So you have her get impregnated if she still has the capability and then you make yourself a new one and mean we've already surpassed the gun trade, the drug dealers, the cartels, all the bad people in the world have discovered that this is the most lucrative product on the planet. It will bypass drugs eventually just because it's easier. Uh, but as far as what.

Brannon Howse: Does that say? What does that say? Let me just interrupt you right there. What does that say about mankind? You know, people that want to believe in evolution, that we're somehow we're evolving and getting better. I don't buy it. I don't buy into evolution and I don't I don't buy that we're evolving and getting better. I believe I believe that we are fallen all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I believe God's giving over this nation and the world. I think this is Romans one darkened-hearted, fool, debased, greedy, haughty. You know, you go through the list of Romans one. I mean, if this doesn't show you the debased national culture of America and the world, that now you're telling me that raping children is now begun to become the most lucrative way to make money over drugs or gun trafficking? That means they have to have a clientele. And the fact that they have a clientele that big ought to scare the living daylights out of every father, every uncle, every mother. I mean, I'm constantly warning my family members, don't go alone. Go with someone else. Take someone with you. Don't be alone. And this goes for boys as well as girls.

Brannon Howse: You know, I still think we got too many dads and uncles living thinking this is a different day and a different age. It's not. Pornography is everywhere. It's as easy as a phone. Kids are getting addicted, addicted to it at an earlier and earlier age. And the number of I talked to a friend recently, their wife had a reunion. With friends from high school. In college. They're all adults. They're all in their 50s now. It was a group of ladies, I don't know, 7 or 8 of them. They got together. My wife's excuse me, my friend's wife was the only one in the group that did not confess to the other ladies that at some point in their life they were molested or sexually assaulted, every one of them, except for her. They could not make it through life without being molested. You know, date rape, sexually assaulted, raped, and didn't want to tell anybody, whatever it might be. This is worse now than it was then. Those ladies are in their 50s. We have a serious problem that that that this is the trade that's making the most money because it means you have customers wanting children and wanting infants.

Aaron Spradin: Well, that's the end and that's the thing. So so one thing I want to make sure that we're clear on, there is no demographic for the. John. Okay. There is no demographic for the pimp. All right. Here in Tennessee, the biggest bust that occurred in the last decade, there was 2016, in May of 2016, 42 arrests were made in East Tennessee. And the head of the trafficking ring was the youth pastor of the church. Okay. There is no demographic when we go undercover in another country. I have been. No kidding. I have been in the country for less than 30 minutes. I don't have to go look for them. They come to me. The pimps come to me because it's the American people that are doing it. Don't even have to try. They come to me. What do you want? Do you want a boy? You want a girl, You want. You want cocaine. You want. You want weed. How young? How old? It doesn't matter. They come to us because the American people are the ones that are doing it and they know it. And it goes back to, you know, we were talking about a fallen world, the fallen world, and the original days.

Aaron Spradin: We had pedophiles and we had sociopathic child predators. Now you have a reprogramming of the mind through porn. And, you know, it starts off one way and then it gets you get a little bit more risque, then you get a little more risque. And then the next thing you know, you're barely legal And once you get to barely legal, there's an ad for child porn. And these morons that live in their basements with their mom and dad upstairs think that they're bouncing their IPS and there's some kind of cyber genius, and they click the button and now they're getting engulfed in that. And then they get to a point where that's not enough. They need to go find out what it's like. And it's all about power and it's all about control. And every single person that does it is the weakest beta male walking the planet. And that's their only gratification for power is to do something like that so horrible and brutal to a child.

Brannon Howse: Okay, before I let you go, and I'm not dissing all churches, I don't throw that disclaimer. This is me speaking, not him. But he mentioned that youth Pastor, I'm telling you right now, I think one of the most dangerous places for children today is a church in America. I'm not going to say every church, but I believe one of the most dangerous places for children today is in many, many of our so-called American churches. And the reason why I say that I'm not from the Catholic Church, so I don't I'm not speaking about Catholics. I'm talking about your evangelical Protestant churches. And I'll tell you one reason why. I have been to churches where they have known sex offenders in the church where police officers have said, um, to the church leadership, you know, he's a registered sex offender. Right. Why is he in the adult choir? Why is he being allowed to move around the church unescorted? Why is this person involved, a publicly there registered sex offender, for Pete's sake? Does everybody in the church know this? No, they don't. Oh, well, we need to give second chances. You know, a God of second chances. Yeah, there's grace and forgiveness for everybody, but there are consequences. And I'm telling you, a lot of these churches, they're filled up with ignorant people. They're allowing for it under the guise this is the Christian thing to do. No, it's not. And number two, they have a warped Christianity that says we're not to judge and everybody gets a second chance. No, you can under God's grace. But that doesn't mean you get to roam the church halls and come to the church. I mean, what are you going to do? Put out your sign. Your church, you know, registered pedophiles and children. Welcome. Because that's what I know. Churches in the mid-South have known registered pedophiles that they welcome.

Aaron Spradin: I say this whenever I speak. Brandon. Uh, we know somebody within seven people. Seven people, but that we in our life, if you take seven people one of them is involved one way or the other, whether it's molestation or it's, or it's in this, uh, in this child sex trafficking realm. Uh, it's a sickness. It's a plague. Um, and I'm 100% with you. If you're a registered pedophile, you're not supposed to be within X amount of feet or X amount of miles or X amount of whatever from children. And to find peace and sanctuary in the church and just turn it into your, you know, hunting grounds. Um, I'm 100% with you on that very thing.

Brannon Howse: Well, the pastors need to pull their heads out of their armpits and wake up. And any pastor that doing that isn't a pastor. They're a hireling. And I think there's a nice hot place in hell waiting for you. That's my personal opinion. Amen. Pastors, wake up. Deacons. Elders. Fathers, wake up. And if you got a coward for a pastor who has a twisted Christianity that says we need to welcome the registered sex offender, throw him out and find a new pastor because he's not a pastor, he's a hireling letting in a wolf to devour the sheep. That's my opinion. Throw his website back up there. Any closing comment, Aaron?

Aaron Spradin: All I can say is, you know, do your research. Google, Google, and look at, you know, the signs for trafficking and look at the statistics. Do your research. You know, people want to believe this isn't happening. It's happening every day. It's happening in 95 out of 95 counties in the state of Tennessee. If it's happening in Tennessee, it's happening everywhere. Um, you know, we work all over the country and all over the world focus on the domestic problem because this is where I live. This is where my family is. This is where my son grew up. This is where I have family and nieces and nephews and all these things. And I want to make certain that they're, you know, they're aware. So go to the sites, look at the sites. They will tell you what to look for and see something, say something. I hate to be cliche, but see something. Say something. And for the love of God, get involved in your children's lives. Do not let the tablet or the phone be the babysitter. This is how this happens. They get into the tablet, they get into the phone, they get into the games, they mind warp your children and the next thing you know, you're on a play date because you think you're meeting another mother. You check your Instagram and the next thing you know, Sally's gone. So get involved in your children's lives. Um, I mean, I've got a six foot five, 250 pounds tight end that's 21 years old and I'm still in his life every day to make certain that he's going to be all right because that's the world we live in. And as you said, it is a fallen world. But, you know, with a little bit of grace and a whole lot of wonderful people, we may be able to, you know, stifle this one way or the other.

Brannon Howse: Amen to that. We're going to be having you back, Aaron. A true American hero there, folks. Aaron Spradin, Check it out. Aaron, thanks for being with us tonight and for your great work.

Aaron Spradin: Thank you, Brannon, so much. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Brannon Howse: Look forward to having you back.


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