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Mill Creek View Tennessee: Podcast Episode 109 Interview with Aaron Spradlin

June 27, 2023

It’s all about protecting the innocent children.

Thanks to Steve Abramowicz for having me on the Mill Creek View podcast. Watch the full episode below:

The Tennessee Star: "TN Faith & Freedom Coalition Calls on Gov. Lee to Cancel Special Session on Gun Control ‘In the Interest of Public Safety’ Due to Danger from Far Left Activists"

The Tennessee Faith & Freedom Coalition (TNFFC) called on Gov. Bill Lee (R-TN) Monday to cancel his proposed August 21 special session of the Tennessee General Assembly.

“We are writing you because you have made it clear that you are planning to use your authority to officially call an ill-advised special session of the Tennessee General Assembly on August 21st to address gun issues in the aftermath of the Covenant School shooting tragedy, a heinous and despicable act committed by a mentally ill individual who claimed to be on the transgender spectrum,” the TNFFC said in a letter sent to the governor. A copy of the letter was also sent to all members of the Tennessee General Assembly.


“In the interest of public safety, the safety of downtown Nashville, the safety of those brave men and women charged with maintaining order at the Capitol, the safety of legislators, staff, interns, and visitors, and in defense of the Constitution – we, the Board of the Tennessee Faith and Freedom Coalition, plainly and emphatically oppose the calling of a special session of the General Assembly on this issue and are prayerfully writing to strongly urge that you reverse course on your plan, not call a special session, and wait until normal session in January to make proposals for the legislature to consider – as is the normal process of government,” the letter continued.


The letter pointed to credible evidence that far left activists – many from out-of-state – intend to disrupt the planned August 21 special session and may pose a significant threat to the safety of legislators and the public in general at the Capitol in Nashville.


“[T]hat heinous act of the murder [at Covenant School on March 27] of six individuals has been politicized by far Left activists and anti-Second Amendment groups funded by Leftist interests, the Biden Administration, Marxist agitators in the General Assembly who nearly started a riot over legislatures lack of desire to take away our Second Amendment constitutional rights – namely Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson, and others who wish to make every inroad they can in order to fulfil their ultimate goal of eliminating the constitutional protections that exist in the Second Amendment,” the letter noted.


An attachment to the two page letter added specifics:

"In mid-May of this year, the content of a Marxist agitator meeting was obtained by The Tennessee Star and other news outlets.


Comments like the following one made by Julie Edwards, the Advocacy & Organizing manager for Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi pervaded the meeting:


“Keep in mind, the special session is August 21st, so everything we learn here today is to be applied towards the special session,” she said. “So, we are investing in y’all as activists, with the promise that y’all will show up when we need you to show up. Including August, but also I know some of y’all aren’t from Nashville so we’re trusting y’all to go back in your communities, share this information and ___ it up when it needs to happen.”


Another comment about the meeting was:


“So this is like very much an intro into protest safety and what to do – how to come up with a plan if you are gonna plan an action,” the organizer said. “But a big part of doing protest safety is knowing where you are best suited for. If you are best suited for logistics, you’re not best suited to be a safety captain that day. If you are somebody who shows up armed and you have that training, you are best suited to be off the safety roster that day.”


That is but a sampling of the proof that Marxists are planning on flooding Nashville and the capacity for violence is high. The Tennessee Highway Patrol and downtown Nashville experienced what the Left is capable of in the late-spring/early-summer of 2020.


Security expert and TN FFC Board Chair Aaron Spradlin, who was recognized by the Tennessee General Assembly for his work protecting members of that body, predicts massive protests and nefarious actions by the Marxist anti-constitutional activists.


Spradlin states, “This situation is a powder keg. The capacity for violence, agitation, and danger for the members of the General Assembly, their staff, law enforcement, and the citizens of Tennessee is nearly limitless. This could conceivably dwarf what happened in 2020.”


The letter was sent on behalf of all of the board members of TNFFC, which includes Executive Director Aaron Gulbransen, who worked previously as a reporter for The Tennessee Star.


The TNFFC also created a petition for those who agree with the organization’s call to cancel the special session.

Read the Letter HERE

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Michael Patrick Leahy is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network.

Article originally appeared in The Tennessee Star on June 11, 2023.


Jeff Beierlein and Aaron Spradlin Discuss the Urgency of Local Solutions to End Human and Child Trafficking

Below is the full article that originally appeared in The Tennessee Star on May 24, 2023.

By: Julie Carr Live from Music Row, Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – guest host Aaron Gulbransen welcomed Jeff Beierlein and Aaron Spradlin in studio to discuss local solutions to human and child trafficking. Gulbransen: Jeff Beirelein line has a couple of points that you wanted to make, and I wanted to give you the opportunity to touch on some of them on this issue that we’ve been talking about. Beierlein: Sure. Thanks. And first of all, I want to appreciate the opportunity to be on the show this morning. This is great talking about a lot of heavy issues at times too. A lot of them are, highly charged and exciting things, too in certain ways. But ultimately, we have to decide what’s important to us as a community and what we want to prioritize. The issue of the sex trafficking piece, to the drugs, the border, et cetera. Should we make that a priority? And that’s something we should resource. And to me, it typifies some of the worst examples of coordination or lack thereof, be it deliberately or not, between the federal government and the entities thereof, state and local governments, and then the potential to work with non-profits to address a very serious issue. And the sex trafficking piece would probably be at the top of some of the most heinous criminal activity that we can think of. But the fact that it’s happening under our noses is awful. And so we were talking about during the break were some of the steps that can be put in place, what we should expect, and how to make this a louder priority at the state level if the federal government’s unwilling to address it. But they’re definitely facilitating some of the things that allow for that. Maybe lack of accountability both at the border or sending people out into communities, so it’s fascinating to hear what the mayor of Knox County said earlier that plane loads of folks are just being dumped in McGee Tyson, which is probably happening in a lot of different airports within the community. Folks getting dispersed out in the community without any oversight, control, et cetera. That’s how children are trafficked—and beyond that point, who knows what happens to them, Aaron. So thank you for making that a point. I would be interested in other things we can do to address it. I think, first of all, calling it out and understanding what task forces are in place now. And what more we could recommend from, as you mentioned, a budgetary perspective that we can control at the state level. Any other thoughts on that? Spradlin: Let’s go back to Mayor Jacobs. What’s the budget he’s trying to get? Beierlein: A billion dollars. Gulbransen: No tax increases. Spradlin: There’s no tax increase. Gulbransen: And an increased amount of pay for the police. Spradlin: A billion dollars is no drop in the bucket. And he’ll probably pull it off, and I hope he does. I pray that he does—95 counties in the state of Tennessee. Now, not of, not all of them are in Knox County. You’ve got some pretty small counties, but then you got some mega counties. Let’s say, for instance, I don’t know, the seventh wealthiest county in the nation, Williamson County. What could they do to help? What could the mayor of Williamson County do to help to take a stand, to do something to help his law enforcement? I think Mayor Jacobs is leading the charge as an example, and that can be mimicked across the entire state. Leave Capitol Hill up there if they’re not going to do anything about it. And I’m going to put a lot of this on the governor. All right? And I like him because I knew him before. I think more could be done in his particular position. Gulbransen: He needs to stop obsessing about a red flag law and think about saving children, is the blunt way to put it. Spradlin: I’m with you 100 percent. Gulbransen: And we’re talking about child trafficking. Red flag laws don’t save anybody. They’re in 20 states around the country. They don’t do a darn thing. So if you’re saying that those save children, you’re lying. And anybody who supports the red flag law is anti-Second Amendment. And anybody who is calling us heartless for saying that is absolutely wrong, as we’re sitting here fighting against human and child trafficking, what in the world are you doing? Spradlin: Right. Gulbransen: Justin Jones ain’t fighting child trafficking. Spradlin: No. Justin Jones isn’t doing anything but being the domestic terrorist that he is. And I have no problem saying this because I’ve dealt with him so many times before he was dropped into the legislature. And he is not a hero for his side. He is a bully, and he should be put in prison. And maybe someday he will. Maybe if we have this ridiculous special session, it’ll happen. Because he’ll show himself and he’ll probably do something out of line or he’ll force somebody else to do it. And maybe there’ll be some coercion. Anyway, the point being back to you, Jeff, the local, the county, they take control of it. All right? If it’s not going to happen to the top, let’s make it happen here. All right, let’s go down to Chattanooga. Right now, Chattanooga is a war zone. We don’t hear about it. Do we all know we got the aquarium and we got the Riverwalk, and we got all the pretty places you can stand and look out over everything. No, it’s a war zone. You got the Crips, you got the cartel, you got drugs, you got sex trafficking. It is not a pretty place. There ain’t enough money in town for me to go down there and live, and I live on the edge of this county. And, but my point is, if you put the efforts out there like Mayor Jacobs is doing you can start doing this at the grassroots level. You don’t even need the dadgum Hill to do it. You know what I mean? That’s to answer your question. Beierlein: Sure. And I would like to make the point too, the legislature has been phenomenal on so many issues. Spradlin: Yeah, absolutely. I’m not trying to take away that. Beierlein: And they have made headway in places that have probably been off the table before, been an example for so many other states. So they’re taking up our same legislation. However, I think there are some more steps we can take collectively to fight this and make this priority move forward. Spradlin: Agreed. Listen to today’s show highlights, including this interview:


Aaron Gulbransen Talks About Local Election Night Results with Aaron Spradlin of Mission America Foundation

Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – official guest host Aaron Gulbransen welcomed the Co-Founder of Mission America Foundation Aaron Spradlin in studio to review some of last night’s local election results.

Gulbransen: In studio, we have the chair of the Mission America Foundation, Aaron Spradlin. Also, the man, if you want any sort of protection and security services, here you go. How are you doing today? Spradlin: I am well, thank you. Gulbransen: Did you get any sleep last night? Spradlin: It was short. It was very short. I think I left the last election deal right at midnight. And here we are. Gulbransen: And here we are at 6:00 a.m. I know you probably didn’t get up at three as I did, but no, still we’re at 6:00 a.m.. So I have a really burning question to ask you. Spradlin: That was loaded. Gulbransen: Is Twitter real life? Spradlin: No. Gulbransen: And my joke on that, of course, is actually really not a joke. I think Robby Starbuck found that out yesterday. I think Robby Starbuck, if he was being honest with himself, found that out several times during this whole process. And yes, no spoiler alert, everybody. The write-in candidate didn’t win the 5th Congressional District primary. Were there any observations you had about any of the races last night before we get into some other things? Spradlin: The one that was being watched the most for me was Jack and how close that surprisingly was. Gulbransen: About three points, right? Spradlin: Yes. But that was the one I was really focused on. One, that’s my district, and besides the Fifth, that’s all I was really watching. Except for my boy Jake over at 63. Gulbransen: Yes. He beat Jake McCallum, beat Laurie Cardoza-Moore by almost five points, about four and a half points I’m looking at right now, based on the results that I am seeing. I think the deciding factor in this race, I say tongue in cheek, is Jack Johnson never did 20-minute videos on his Instagram wearing eyeliner. Spradlin: Correct. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jack and eyeliner. (Gulbransen laughs) Wow. Gulbransen: It’s 6:09 am here on The Tennessee Star Report. We’re throwing bombs today. It’s the day after Election Day, and we’re just having a good time telling jokes. So there you go. Spradlin: Doesn’t it kind of feel a little bit lighter today? Gulbransen: It really does. Spradlin: I mean, after the nine-person circus and all the battle, it feels really good to take a breath and get ready for the general election. Gulbransen: And this is the nice part of living in a conservative state because the general in most of these races is a foreground conclusion. And regardless of what happens, I don’t have to stress anymore. I don’t have to spend every day going, what am I going to do about this race? I’m going to obviously cover what goes on, but what I anticipate over the next several months is going, what did the Democrats say today that was socialist and leftist and stupid on Twitter or whatever? Spradlin: Right. Gulbransen: And then, of course, I don’t know if you’ve heard this when you were driving in, but in the 52nd state rep district and this guy is going to provide a lot of fodder, Justin Jones, who is a Marxist leftist Black Lives Matter terrorist, he is the Democrat nominee. Spradlin: We’ve had lots of dealings with him in our protection firm. Gulbransen: You all probably were assigned to make sure he didn’t get in the building when he was banned for it I imagine. Spradlin: We had the chance to walk him out when Lindsey Graham and Marsha did their event a couple of years ago and made all of the national news for that one. Gulbransen: One of the many things, and if you’re wondering why I’m so passionate about this, I said to the audience before I lived two blocks away from his Astroturfed sit-in, but also, frankly, cursed my wife out. Spradlin: Absolutely not. Gulbransen: He acts like he’s the social justice warrior, but when the camera is not on, he is demeaning to women. I saw it personally. I have it on video. Don’t curse out my wife. Please don’t. So anyway, there’s Justin Jones, your social justice crazy, leftist Democrat nominee in the 52nd House district. We’re running short of time in this segment. But we’re getting into the Guard issue a little more and what you’re doing to help the National Guardsmen in the next segment. Tune in weekdays from 5:00 – 8:00 a.m. to The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy on Talk Radio 98.3 FM WLAC 1510. Listen online at iHeart Radio.

Article originally appeared in The Tennessee Star on August 5, 2022.

Aaron Gulbransen: This is Aaron Gulbransen in for Michael Patrick Leahy who will be back with you on Monday, so you only have to bear with my for a couple more hours. It’s about 6:18 on a lovely Friday. Happy Friday everybody as we’re heading into the weekend. I hope everybody gets to enjoy the Williamson County State Fair that’s coming up. My wife and I are going there, so we’re going to have little bit of fun. Aaron Gulbransen: In the studio we have as I’m joking today its A squared, we have Aaron Spradlin in the studio with us of Mission America Foundation. Aaron does the Lord’s work on human trafficking with the Mission America Foundation, but he is also doing the Lord’s work on helping out Tennessee National Guard Members, who are losing their jobs over the Covid Vaccine Mandate. I want you to talk about that a little bit Aaron. Aaron Spradlin: You said we were going to go to that in this session, and just as I was looking at one of my emails, I was looking at some of the years that some of the people who are being booted have. You have Master Sergeants, you have Chief Warrant Officers, you have Majors. It takes time to get to those ranks. So it means the time those men and women have spent probably at least 2 trips to the desert to fight for their country and now their country is letting them down. So, what we’re doing is work with leadership in the Assembly to possibly figure out a route to pause this. But also to try to supplement some of the lost income that they’ll have to endure, some pensions, these people have dedicated their lives to fighting for their country and they’re being let down. So we’re going to do our best to try to assist them. Aaron Gulbransen: If people want to help out, what’s your website?

 Aaron Spradlin: and Aaron Gulbransen: Oh you got both of those there, that’s or So there you go. If you want to help out Tennessee National Guard members who are losing their jobs, and if that’s not your cause, then you can also certainly support the work that Mission America does to combat human and child trafficking. But that’s Aaron Gulbransen: So, you have been having a lot of conversations with people on this subject, as am I. I have talked to and the general assembly appears to be be ready to do something. Especially now that we’re through the primary cycle, now it’s time to do the work. Aaron Gulbransen: Did you hear about what I was talking about before, this injured soldier who was on his way out, he was being out processed, and they are still forcing him to do it. It was heartbreaking at the end, the last thing he said to me was—they’re still trying to get him to get the second one after he got vaccine injured—was, “I don’t know what to do. I’ll probably get it. It’ll probably kill me. I don’t know what to do.” Because he doesn’t want to lose his, he’s got 6 kids to feed. This is someone I will introduce to you by the way. This is definitely somebody you need to talk to. What do you think the next steps are on this? Aaron Spradlin: Well, first of all, we need to meet with leadership, and we got to see what the state can do to get in the gap, we got to see if the Attorney General can possibly help us to hopefully get a judge to give us a stay, to get through November. To have the General take back power at least in two different places that we’ve been lost for too long already and put a stop to this. It’s interesting, coming from my background, when you go through basic training you walk through a line of shots, but you know you’re taking them, right? Aaron Gulbransen: Right. Aaron Spradlin: If there’s something that you have to take that is experimental, you have to sign off. Aaron Gulbransen: Right. Aaron Spradlin: Alright so, as we know this is not a vaccine. This is not making you combat effective, like say for instance an Anthrax dose was in the day of that. And I mean that came with its own problems, but it made you combat effective. Aaron Gulbransen: Right. Aaron Spradlin: If you were going into a place where Anthrax was being used, your survivability is a little bit better—I’m sure that down the road that will all come back to be horrible. But, the point being you knew what you were signing up for to make you more combat effective and keep you alive in a battle zone. This is you know, just throw stuff together, put it in a vile and stick it in your arm. It’s not making you combat effective and as you’ve seen with the gentlemen you’re talking about, taking him down the totally opposite road. Aaron Gulbransen: Yeah. Aaron Spradlin: That affect will be with him for life unfortunately, but I think there’s also a way that these soldiers can be represented with the proper legal guidance. In his case, he’s injured, they’re probably going to throw a dishonorable on him because of the fact that he refuses it. And he probably has experience that makes him worthy of an honorable discharge and its a shame, its just all been a great disappointment to leadership, from sec-def down, but that’s expected with this one. Aaron Gulbransen: And I’m still trying to figure this one out, I mean obviously we can get the blanket statement that the government wants to control people and all these pharmaceutical companies are making their money, but it boggles my mind when you have a situation like this, or in general over the mandate, how you’re forcing these people to get it. Why at this point, when even the Democrats and the Leftists would admit that it’s not going to stop you from getting Covid—and its certainly not going to stop you from spreading Covid—I don’t understand why is it still in effect. Aaron Spradlin: Right. I don’t either. I mean we’re looking at right now the current person that lives in the White House, he’s on his rebound, I think he’s had every booster you can have and he’s still in isolation, because he can’t come out into the world even though he’s super-vaxxed. Aaron Gulbransen: Right. I mean he’s also probably in isolation for a while because they don’t want him to talk to the press for a bit. So there is that. Of course, referring to former Vice President Joe Biden. So, I steal that line from Steven Crowder by the way, former Vice President Joe Biden. Steven Crowder also likes to refer to Kamala Harris as the actual president of the United States, which is pretty funny. I think in my opinion, probably Susan Rice is, but again if you want to help out National Guard Members, go to or This is a really important cause, I was trying to not use the term mission, but it’s a really important mission that Aaron Spradlin is on to help the Guardsmen. Aaron Gulbransen: This is a theory here, but to turn this issue to politics for a little bit, I think Kurt Winstead cost himself a lot of votes by not engaging on this issue, and just following Governor Lee’s lead on it. Aaron Spradlin: I agree with that 100 percent. When you are the man, your job is to take care of your people. Whether you’re retired or not. In this particular case, if you’re running for as many months as he was touting being a great leader and what he’s going to do. Well, who are you leading if you’re not leading the people that are the reason that you have the star. I have always been very loud about this. We trained young kids coming out of West Point when I was still in. You are propped up by your soldiers, they’re the ones that make you great. And he knows that, but he played a line that I didn’t ever know anything of this until this. I wouldn’t want to go into battle with him. Aaron Gulbransen: Well I think he is an attorney that’s what I mean when I say this. But I think the next battle he’ll be in is a courtroom representing a client, but it was one of the things where when we were seeking comment on the National Guard firings issue. I actually anticipated that this was something he could seize upon this with his campaign and it shocked the daylights out of me that he didn’t even take a political position that was in his own best interest. Aaron Spradlin: Right. Aaron Gulbransen: He was just very callous about it and ignored it. It was very odd to me. I think he wound up with 22% of the vote is what I’m looking at here. Yeah, that’s right. So he did come in 3rd place. When all is said and done, it looks like he spent 800 grand out of his own pocket, just to come in third. Aaron Spradlin: …to lose. Aaron Gulbransen: This is Aaron Gulbransen and he is Aaron Spradlin. We’re Aaron squared today, its 6:27 in the morning here on Friday on the Tennessee Star Report, we’ll be back after the break.


By: Aaron Gulbransen NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Tennessee National Guard soldiers and several state legislators held a “Guard Freedom” event at Legislative Plaza right in front of the state capitol asking Governor Bill Lee to intervene on behalf of the soldiers who are about to lose their jobs over noncompliance with a COVID-19 mandate. The National Guard soldiers who spoke and attended the event were off duty and spoke as private citizens, not on behalf of any government entity. Their ranks were stated for identification purposes only. Captain Mickey Shelton, who has been unofficially speaking for his fellow soldiers that are soon to be unemployed unless the governor acts, said in part, “I think we’re asking ourselves, what now? Reagan had said that it’s not the federal government that creates states, it is states that created the federal government. Where has our state sovereignty gone? So with that said, we have three requests.” Shelton then listed those requests. “The first request of the governor: publicly condemn the firings of the National Guard members who are scheduled to be terminated due to the refusal of the COVID-19 vaccine and pledge to do everything in your power to help those members,” he said. “Two, immediately order Major General Holmes to halt the discharge of these honorable men and women.” “Three, ask Attorney General Herb Slatery to file suit on behalf of the Tennessee National Guard members and coordinate with other state AGs to file an emergency injunction against the Department of Defense, forcing them to reverse adverse actions against any National Guardsman for refusal to vaccinate,” added the captain. In addition to Shelton, other guardsmen who spoke included Captain Donald Eli and Major Clint Cannon. State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver (R-Lancaster) sang the national anthem and spoke as well, challenging Lee and Slatery to take action to help the soldiers who are about to lose their jobs. “We are here today to ask our governor to draw a line in the sand. We are asking him and the attorney general to be the defense of the people and to stand up for the people who we are here standing with – who would stand with us in civil unrest, in natural disasters – would be there and show up on the job,” Weaver said. “Governor, I ask you to step up to the plate. One has to wonder, what is the gig here?” she added. “Do the right thing, Governor Lee. We’re counting on you,” Weaver said. The other members of the General Assembly who presented speeches of support for the guardsmen included State Representatives John Ragan, Jerry Sexton, Justin Lafferty, David Byrd, and Chris Todd. State Senator Janice Bowling (R-Tullahoma) gave a fiery speech. “When a person tries to give mandates to the people, that is called tyranny, not the Republic of the United States of America. The truth will set you free and we need to call it what it is,” she said. “In the Tenth Amendment, we hold all of the things to us that are not expressly given to the federal government. Nobody in America, even the FDA rule and the Nuremburg Code, can force an American citizen to take an experimental shot through coercion. It is basically fundamentally a crime to do that,” Bowling added. State Senator Mark Pody (R-Lebanon) was in attendance to support the guardsmen but humbly didn’t ask to speak. He attended to show the guardsmen his support. Pastor Doug Robertson, the executive minister of Harpeth Christian Church, kicked things off with a prayer. Chad Randall, the president of the Tennessee Republican Assembly, graciously provided audio equipment and a podium. The master of ceremonies for the event was Mission America Foundation Chairman Aaron Spradlin. Spradlin said at the beginning of the event, “We are here to urge Governor Bill Lee to stand in the gap between the overreaching federal government and the loyalty and commitment of our warriors who swore to protect and defend the very Constitution that is being infringed upon – stealing their rights and attempting to end their service to our great nation by stealing their right to choose.” The National Guard members received a letter in May, which said in part, “Unless otherwise fully exempted in accordance with Department of the Army policy, all members of the National Guard must be fully vaccinated by 30 June 2022.”

Mission America Chairman Aaron Spradlin Featured in "The Tennessee Star" Rallying Support for the Rights of Tennessee National Guardsmen

Thank you to The Tennessee Star for featuring Mission America Foundation Founder and CEO, Aaron Spradlin. 

As the master of ceremonies at an event rallying support to prevent our Tennessee National Guardsmen from being suspended or fired because of mandated vaccination, Aaron was quoted saying: 

“We are here to urge Governor Bill Lee to stand in the gap between the overreaching federal government and the loyalty and commitment of our warriors who swore to protect and defend the very Constitution that is being infringed upon – stealing their rights and attempting to end their service to our great nation by stealing their right to choose.”

Below is the full article that originally appeared in The Tennessee Star on June 30, 2022.

Tennessee National Guard Soldiers and State Legislators Ask Governor Lee to Intervene at Public Event 


Keeping the Faith and Fueling the Fight

Even though Mission America Foundation Chairman and CEO, Aaron Spradlin, and his team have gone on countless missions—often to the most dilapidated of areas witnessing the darkest side of mankind—he isn’t disheartened. Instead, it fuels his fight. 


Aaron and his teams go where the need is greatest. Whether the mission requires them to rescue victims of a hurricane in Haiti, the war in Ukraine, or floods in Houston and Nashville, moments like the one captured above on a recent trip, are the ones that keep him going. 


CEO of Mission America Foundation, Aaron Spradlin, Speaks To Tennessee Candidates and Constituents about Two Vital Causes


Just before the May 3, 2022 primary, our Chairman and CEO, Aaron Spradlin, spoke to the wise women of the Republican Women of Williamson County. 


While the annual event and fundraiser, “Just Desserts,” was a chance to get to know the candidates, Aaron ensured that voters were made aware of two vital injustices affecting every town in the nation, not just the towns in Williamson County: ending the heinous acts of human trafficking and the negligence and lack of support for veterans and active military members and their families. 


Thank you for allowing Mission America Foundation to share the stage at your event. 

WCRW Event_edited.jpg

PICTURED: Eve Cantrell (center) with members of the RWOWC (Republican Women of Williamson County


Mission America Foundation Recognized by Tennessee State House of Representatives and Senators

We’re proud to announce that our Founder and CEO, Aaron Spradlin, was recently honored at the state capitol. 


Upwards of 80 Tennessee State House of Representatives and over 25 Tennessee State Senators voted in favor of Mission America Foundation’s work to provide intelligence to law enforcement agencies across Tennessee that will help aid in prosecuting domestic human traffickers. 


Thank you for your support and thank you to Tennessee State Representative Rusty Briggs for sponsoring this Honorary Joint Resolution. 

Mission America HJR.jpeg

Mission America Foundation at Mix & Mingle Event

Thank you to the Williamson County Republican Party, for your support for Mission America Foundation and inviting us to present at your recent “Mix and Mingle” event. 


Every town in Tennessee needs to know how critical the need is to end trafficking and champion causes that assist our nation’s veterans, active duty military, and their families. 


Your help and involvement truly helps us spread the word. 

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